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Featured in September 2003

See what was in this issue of Real Simple.

Real Simple September 2003Paul Whicheloe


The Spend-Nothing Makeover, pg. 202 
Real Simple helps a Massachusetts family spruce up the whole house with pieces they already had in the garage, basement, and attic.

Stopping the Clock, pg. 212
Catching a breather in your jam-packed schedule is harder than ever. Four women reveal how they carve out time for themselves and their families. Plus 12 painless time-savers.

A Colorful Character, pg. 218
The monotone staples in your fall wardrobe (beige, black, gray) can get downright monotonous. Reenergize your wardrobe ― and yourself ― with strategic shots of color.

Healing Waters, pg. 224
Alexandra Morton's passion for whales led her to a remote island home where she has found tragedy, fulfillment, and a purity of purpose.

Hot Tomatoes, pg. 232
The end of summer has an upside: the ripest, juiciest fruits (yes, fruits) of the year. Enjoy the best of the season with these six foolproof recipes.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 243
One bird, many fall meals: Sage-Roasted Turkey Breast and Gravy today, Turkey Potpie with Biscuit Crust tomorrow, and Turkey Sandwiches, Pizza, or Pasta anytime.


  • Storage ottomans, pg. 85
  • The best handheld vacuums, pg. 91
  • Keep bright colors bright, pg. 95
  • Filtering your water, pg. 98
  • Straight skirts that fit, pg. 107
  • Comparison clothes shopping: catalog, in-store, on-line, pg. 111
  • A trip to the tailor, pg. 117
  • Multitasking cosmetics, pg. 123
  • Cleansing cloths for every skin type, pg. 127
  • Relax at the office, pg. 131
  • What to look for in a mental-health professional, pg. 137
  • Spend less on prescriptions, pg. 141
  • Reap the health benefits of extra-virgin olive oil, pg. 147
  • Quick, nutritious breakfasts, pg. 153
  • Mushrooms 101, pg. 159
  • Save big at warehouse clubs, pg. 163
  • Coping with neighbors, pg. 171
  • Words we mix up, pg. 179
  • Digital cameras made easy, pg. 185
The Organizer 
  • Sick of stumbling over boots and backpacks? Clear up that cluttered entryway. pg. 191

Simple Solutions

Healthy Habit, pg. 64
Tea that tastes great ― and is great for you

New Uses for Old Things, pg. 67
Repurpose newspapers and salad spinners

Home Printing Press, pg. 68
Software that turns out invitations in a snap

Products of the Month, pg. 70
From a colander-lid pot to a quick gray-hair fix

Minding Your Manners, pg. 76
What to do with those olive pits and shrimp tails at parties

Garden Guide, pg. 78
A shrub for all seasons

Fake It, Don't Make It, pg. 80


She Earns More, pg. 261 
  • A San Francisco couple wants to look to the future, but one partner's career struggles are blocking the view. Our advisers help them see their way.
Life Coach: Back Off!... Please?, pg. 267 
  • Are you a pushy person or a people-pleaser? Believe it or not, both personality types can coexist peacefully. Here's how.
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