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Travel 2007 Cover ArtEmily Nathan
Look for Real Simple Travel on newsstands from March 19 through May 14, 2007.


Five Foolproof Vacations, pg. 104
Seasoned travel agents recommend destinations that will make everyone happy.

Pack It In, pg. 116
Strategies for fitting every last item into your suitcase. Plus wrinkle-free clothing.

“There’s a Story Behind That Photo...”, pg. 124
Writers share their favorite vacation snapshots.

Perfect Timing, pg. 134
The best time to buy luggage, prepare for takeoff, shop for souvenirs, and much more.


  • New Uses for Old Things, pg. 18
  • Regional Food Chains Worth Trying, pg. 22
  • Airplane Etiquette, pg. 24
  • Souvenir Shopping Ideas, pg. 26
  • Unique Getaways, pg. 28


How to find lodging, from hotels to house swaps.

Room Service, pg. 34
Seasoned travel agents recommend destinations that will make everyone happy.

Site Seeing, pg. 40
Unusual websites to make travel planning easier.

Plane Simple, pg. 44
Your most common flying-related problems solved by air-travel experts.

Nine Little Luxuries, pg. 48
Easy-to-pack items that will upgrade your vacation experience. Neck pillow, anyone?

Head Trips, pg. 52
“Now starring New York!” Books and movies that capture the look and feel of your favorite cities.

Road Tests

Shopper’s High, pg. 58
Staffers test items from the quirky SkyMall catalog.

Bring It On, pg. 63
The best carry-on bags in four categories.


Your problem-and-solution guide to choosing where to go starts on page 67 and includes:

  • U.S. Island Getaways, pg. 68
  • Places That Defy Expectations, pg. 70
  • Easy-to-Navigate Cities, pg. 72
  • Trips Devoid of Jet Lag, pg. 74
  • Ways to Break a Vacation Rut, pg. 76
  • Family-Friendly Locations, pg. 78
  • Not-to-Miss Festivals, pg. 80

Street Smarts

“And Then You’re Not Going to Believe What Happened...”, pg. 84
True stories of vacations gone wrong.

Money Matters, pg. 89
What to know about exchange tellers, ATMs, credit cards, and traveler’s checks.

Traveling Well, pg. 94
What to know about exchange tellers, ATMs, credit cards, and traveler’s checks.

Tour Guides

Real Simple readers reveal what’s not to be missed about their cities, including what to do, where to stay, and what to eat.

  • Kathlyn Perez’s New Orleans, pg. 56
  • Donna Marie Stewart’s Miami, pg. 66
  • Mandy Yuille’s Chicago, pg. 82
  • Janelle Wang’s San Francisco, pg. 98


Travel by the Numbers, pg. 142
Find out where you can spend the night in a tree house, sleep in an ice hotel, rent your own island, or ride a heart-stopping roller coaster.

In This Issue

  • Thoughts, pg. 2
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 10
  • Your Words, pg. 12
  • Credits, pg. 146
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