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Featured in October 2007

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Real Simple October 2007Mark Lund

On the Cover

The Perfect Fit
Are you gaping, pulling, or (aargh) just too tight? How to get pants, shirts, jackets, and dresses to hang and hug the way they should―at last, pg. 205
 Fear Factor
Take a deep breath: Whether you’re afraid of spiders or flying, public speaking or clowns, there are practical tactics for making 16 common fears disappear, pg. 247
 America Gets Organized
 Real Simple went on a mission, clearing out clutter from coast to coast. Steal these strategies to shape up your own little corner of the map, pg. 312
 The Perfect Roast
A toast to the roast. Here, all you need to know to produce meltingly tender beef, flaky tarts, and five other low-maintenance dishes, pg. 340
 Five Easy Dinners
Potato and leek flat bread with greens? It’s quick, healthy, and all in a week of dinners, pg. 357
 Fall’s Best Produce
How to select and store autumn’s cream of the crop, pg. 375
 Plus the Best...

In This Issue

Thoughts, pg. 10
 Why Not?, pg. 17

Editor's Note, pg. 35

Contributors, pg. 36

Everyday Celebrations
Carve some fun into fall with a day of pumpkin picking, jack-o’-lanterns, and treats to get everyone in high spirits, pg. 41

Your Words
What’s the last thing you do before going to bed at night?, pg. 55

 Simple Solutions
Choose between juice and cider; fourteen products that help breast cancer charities; what makes “fair trade” products fair; discovering the history of a Halloween tradition; and more, pg. 71
 Life Lessons
She saved; he spent; they fought. For the sake of their marriage, they had to balance their differences, pg. 97
 The Organizer
Organizational woes? You’re not alone. Real Simple staffers get the help they need with tips from clutter-control professionals, pg. 173
 The Motivator
Congratulate yourself, says life coach Gail Blanke. A little praise goes a long way, pg. 303
 Beating Depression
Her life seemed perfect, but Sherri Walton constantly battled dark moods. Experts explain how depression can go undiagnosed, pg. 348
 Credits, pg. 388

Real Life

Meet reader Adelina Reda DeChard, a Florida mother who wishes there were drive-through grocery stores. (Who doesn’t?), pg. 394

Real Simple to Go, pg. 396

The Guide

  Style  Body  Life 

Road Tests


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