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Featured in October 2002

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Real Simple October 2002William Waldron


It's 9 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Life Is?, pg. 161
Five women share their strategies for making evenings more relaxing and rewarding.

Coat Check, pg. 170
Keep warm. Look great. Real women model stylish and affordable coats geared to the wind, rain, and snow of winter in their hometowns ― and yours.

The Efficient Kitchen, pg. 178
Tools and organizing tips for a smooth-running, easy-upkeep kitchen that will make cooking and cleaning up a pleasure.

The Best Two Years of Her Life, pg. 186
When her 20-year marriage ended abruptly, Polly Brotherton found solace in the company of women ― more than 100 of them ― as a sorority housemother.

Slice of Heaven, pg. 192
Make the most of fall's favorite fruit with six sweet and savory recipes and a guide to the best varieties for all your cooking and snacking needs.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 203
Roast beef, pizza, and potpie ― three days of no-fuss comfort foods for your family's table.


In every issue 
  • Thoughts, pg. 10
  • Editor's Note, pg. 26
  • Contributors, pg. 28
  • Your Words, pg. 35
    What was the most important thing you learned school?
  • Credits, pg. 236
  • Real Hard, pg. 238
    The Pet Personals

Life Guide

Shopping list

  • Alarm clocks, pg. 67
  • The best orange juice, pg. 71
  • 14 ways to use your microwave, pg. 75
  • Fitness-ball workout, pg. 81
  • Affordable cashmere sweaters, pg. 87
  • Colorful wallets, pg. 93
  • The right shampoo, pg. 97
  • Clear skin and pores, pg. 100
  • Assessing collectibles, pg. 105
  • Personal reading lights, pg. 111
  • An easy orchid, pg. 115
  • Computer cures, pg. 121
  • How to save $1,000 or more, pg. 125
  • Everyday ethical dilemmas, pg. 131
  • Getting to news you need, pg. 137
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