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Featured in May 2005

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Real Simple May 2005Mark Lund


Navigation System, pg. 39
Get more out of life by learning the secret ways around a makeup counter, a fish market, a box of chocolates, and more.
 This Clean House, pg. 224
 Real Simple breaks down the major chores in your house into three digestible steps, making heavy-duty cleaning doable. Plus, a cleaning calendar to keep it all neat.
 What’s a Mother to Do?, pg. 234
For many mothers, it’s one of the hardest decisions: work, or stay at home? Four real moms, and their moms, tell how they found a balance.
 The Case of the Irresistible Cookies, pg. 242
Everybody will be stealing from the cookie jar with these can’t-resist recipes (Turtle Bars are just the beginning).
 Eight Is Enough, pg. 250
Take a dress, tunic, skirt, bag, white suit, jacket, Capri pants, and open-toe shoes. Combine with your closet. Result: a whole summer’s worth of updated wardrobe choices.
 The Secret to a Better Workout, pg. 260
With these strategies from fitness experts, you’ll get better results―and less soreness, too―from the exercise you already do.

In Every Issue

Why Not?, pg. 14
 Contributors, pg. 30
 Editor’s Note, pg. 32
 Credits, pg. 310
 Real Simple to Go, pg. 316


New Uses for Old Things, pg. 57
A binder clip shows off a family photo; a napkin holder keeps bills neat.
 Gracious Giver, pg. 60
A romantic anniversary gift made of menus, maps, or matchbooks.
 Easy Upgrade, pg. 62
Magnetic paint on a bedroom wall lets kids post posters at will.
 Products of the Month, pg. 66
Bug-repellent clothing for summer; a portable shoe-shiner for any time.
 Uncommon Knowledge, pg. 69
Bring your own bottle―home from a restaurant, that is.
 Fake It, Don’t Make It, pg. 72
Fish Tacos

The Guide

  • How to keep your nails strong, pg. 109
  • Makeup removers that work, pg. 119
  • Compact, long-lasting, spillproof solid perfumes, pg. 127
  • The changing face of birth control, pg. 135
  • Learn to focus your mind and accomplish more, pg. 145
  • Smart tools for healthy teeth, pg. 151
  • Best bouquets sold on the Web, pg. 159
  • Thoroughly modern mops, pg. 181
  • Cut it out: scissors for every job, pg. 171


  • Ideal swimsuits and cover-ups for all bodies and lifestyles, pg. 189
  • What to do with your extra clothes: donate, resell, or swap, pg. 199

The Organizer

  • You know you want to keep it, but how can you make sure it keeps? An expert from the Smithsonian Institution tells how to preserve the treasures of your life, pg. 211



Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 274
 The Staple
Eight tasty dishes that begin with frozen peas, pg. 277
  • Real Simple shows you how to know when a steak, an omelet, pasta, or almost anything else is cooked just right, pg. 287
  • A week’s worth of quick, easy-to-fix dinners, pg. 299
The Road Test
 The best yellow, Dijon, honey, and deli mustards on the market, pg. 295


Thoughts, pg. 12
 Your Words, pg. 47
What’s your best advice to a new high school graduate?
 Buy Now, Think Later, pg. 75
Arguing that impulse purchases have gotten a bad rap, writer Hillary Johnson shows how they can tell us who we are by revealing who we’re not.
 Postscript, pg. 314
An excerpt from the new lifestyle book How to Be Idle, by Tom Hodgkinson.
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