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Featured in June 2008

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Real Simple June 2008Lucas Allen

On the Cover

In This Issue

Thoughts, p. 4

The Simple List, p. 8

Contributors, p. 22

Editor's Note, p. 25

Everyday Celebrations
A summer-solstice cocktail party, p. 29

Your Words
How do you find the motivation to exercise?, p. 39

Summer Gift Guide 
  • Father’s Day, p. 51
  • Weddings, p. 56
  • Graduations, p. 62
  • Thank-yous, p. 68
  • Clever low-cost (or no-cost) ideas, p. 74
  • Resource guide, p. 76
Life Lessons
Friends in need: Novelist Paula McLain on matchmaking for couples, p. 79

The Quiz
A new treat. First up: Who said what?, p. 86

The Motivator
The key to truly connected relationships: new ways to listen. Life coach Gail Blanke shares her tips for a better way of understanding your loved ones, p. 223

Credits, p. 302

Reality Check
Real Simple’s new playful send-off. This month: her day (in scented candles), p. 310

Real Simple To Go, p. 312

The Guide

Beauty  Home  Style 
  • So classic it’s ancient. Try on a tunic―centuries of style can’t be wrong, p. 129
  • Slip into something summery: five little white dresses, p. 141
Life  Body  Moneywise 
  • Real Simple’s monthly guide to money savvy: hotel-cancellation fees, cross-country shipping costs, how to save on entertainment, and one reader’s spending diary, p. 195

Road Tests



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