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Featured in February 2009

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Real Simple February 2009Maria Robledo

On the Cover

In This Issue

Thoughts, p. 4

The Simple List, p. 6

Editor’s Note, p. 15

Contributors, p. 18

Your Words
How do you alleviate stress?, p. 21


Life Lessons
Writer Julie Rottenberg on her lifelong love of sleeping really, really late, p. 41

The Quiz
How well do you and your valentine know each other?, p. 46

Special: Real Simple on TV
A look behind the scenes of an episode of Real Simple. Real Life., p. 49

Personal Best
Patrick Lencioni shares 10 business strategies that work for families, too, p. 128

Reality Check
Cupid looks for love online, p. 196

Real Simple to Go, p. 198

The Guide


Twelve modern interpretations of the classic cardigan, p. 61

Sweat-worthy workout gear for $50 and under, p. 73


Following a cardiologist’s heart-healthy daily routine, p. 77


Makeup, hair, and skin fixes to look pretty in an instant, p. 85


Does love conquer all? Experts separate fact from fiction in common relationship wisdom, p. 93


How to get a good deal when eating out, what those economic buzzwords mean, and saving on medical costs, p. 101


Road Tests





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