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Featured in April 2000

See what was in this issue of Real Simple.

Real Simple April 2000Martyn Thompson
  • Letter from the Editor, pg. 28
  • Contributors, pg. 40
  • Small Pleasures: Walking in the Rain, pg. 45


Money, pg. 58

Why one credit card is better than ten―and how to decide which one to keep

 Changes , pg. 66
The unconventional choice that led one woman to a more satisfying life

 Online, pg. 74
Make short work of a tedious task by paying your bills on the Internet

 Systems, pg. 82
Simpler record-keeping: The only things you really need to save


Clean Sweep, pg. 90
The fastest, easiest way to clean your bathroom
 Streamlining, pg. 94
How to get off the junk-mail circuit―permanently
 Practical Solutions, pg. 100
Fresh ideas for doing less laundry


Food, pg. 108
One-Dish Wonders: Five fast weeknight dinners you’ll make again and again
 Clothes, pg. 114
The New Basics: Four easy-to-wear pieces that really work
 Nature, pg. 122
Natural Beauties: Fresh flowers that need no arranging
 Looks, pg. 132
Two-Step Skin Care: One system, two products, no time at all
 Home, pg. 140
Serene Spaces: How to bring simplicity and serenity into your home


Health, pg. 150
What antioxidants are, and why you need them in your diet
 Nutrition, pg. 160
It’s not just what you eat; it’s how much. Why portion size matters
 Fitness, pg. 168
Yoga works more than your body; it lifts up your mind and your spirits
 Head Start, pg. 176
Really, really easy ice cream desserts
 Stress Reduction, pg. 184
Looking for lower-stress living? Follow the Three-Quarters Rule


Rituals, pg. 192
How to create special moments in your day for reflecting and recharging
 Friendship, pg. 198
Using short notes and postcards to stay in touch with friends
 Passions, pg. 204
Even if you’ve never laid a finger on a barre, you can study ballet as a grown-up
A wake-up call, pg. 212


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