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Summer Family Fun

Easy ideas for guaranteed good times, in your yard, on the beach, or on the road.

Hit the Road

Road Trip Tips
You can road-trip, or you can road-trip smartly with this guide to essentials.

Take the Best Road Trip Ever
How to check your tires' air pressure, avoid car sickness, and more.

6 Road Trip Games for Kids
Unscientifically speaking, the number of times you're asked, "Are we there yet?" rises and falls in direct relation to how well you keep children engaged.

People riding world's fastest rollercoaster, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

10 Superlative Family Vacation Destination Ideas

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best (or biggest, largest, longest).
Photo: NY Daily News / Getty Images

9 Steps to Camping With Kids

Yes, a camping trip with children can be fun and easy. Here’s how.
Photo: David Tsay

9 Strangely Fascinating Theme Parks Around the World

Legoland or Sesame Place seem too everyday? Here’s where to go, at home and abroad.
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10 Fun Day Trips

A collection of fun (and educational) factories to visit across the country.
Photo: Getty Images
People riding world's fastest rollercoaster, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey
Family seated around campfire
Dickens World
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory

Family Time

Mother and daughter making a pasta salad

11 Ideas for Fun Family Activities
From the serious to the seriously silly, here are unforgettable things to do with your brood before they fly the coop.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl

9 Great Reads for Family Book Clubs
Get started with these titles recommended by ImaginOn: The Joe & Joan Martin Center, an award-winning children’s library in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Kids' Road Trip Essentials Checklist

Consult this comprehensive packing list before you hit the road.

  • Books, magazines, and comics
  • Games, such as the license plate game or travel bingo
  • Sketchbook, washable markers, and colored pencils

View The Entire Checklist

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