The Only Marriage Advice You’ll Ever Need

At Real Simple, it’s part of our jobs to speak to experts on how to live better, easier, and more fulfilling lives. And perhaps nowhere is that more interesting than when it comes to the unique difficulty of maintaining a satisfying, healthy relationship long-term. Over the years, we’ve spoken to dozens of experts on what exactly makes happy couples tick. And while all of their advice is worth considering, we’ve distilled it down to the only 10 tips you really need to know.

Happy People Make Their Spouses Healthier

They’re fitter, feel better and are less physically impaired.

Most Divorces Happen in These Two Months

Holidays and summer vacations seem to affect when couples break up, researchers say.

Being Married Might Affect How Much You Drink

Couples tend to drink less, according to new research.

How to Get Out of a Friendship Rut

Put the spark back in your relationship

Millennials May Not Be the ‘Hookup Generation’ After All

They have less sex than Gen X’ers did at the same age, according to a new study.

Study Says a Netflix Binge Is Good for Your Relationship

Here’s a great excuse for your new Stranger Things obsession. 

Couples Who Have the Best Sex Have This Important Thing in Common

A new study found that a certain relationship quality helps keep the spark alive.

An Intimate Conversation With Bestselling Author Stephanie Danler

Her novel, Sweetbitter, is the must-read of the summer.