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Secrets of Staying (Happily) Married

Practical advice for making your union last, from people who know: couples whose relationships have stood the test of time.

First Comes Love

The Mysteries of Love
Ten things to know about love and romance, from why we fall hard to why we cheat.

What’s the Most Surprising Thing About Love?
Real Simple readers share insights into love’s delights and mysteries.

Stella & Ben Sonnenschein

Married 51 Years: Stella & Ben Sonnenschein

One week after meeting on a blind date, the Holocaust survivors wed―and they haven’t regretted a day of their union.
Photo: Gillian Laub

Married 53 Years: Ayako Kawakami & Harold “Pete” Petersen

A chance meeting in a Japan mess hall between an army staff sergeant and a teenaged visitor turned into a lifelong romance.
Photo: Gillian Laub

Married 64 Years: June & Bill Pritchard

Practical advice for making your union last, from people who know: couples whose relationships have stood the test of time.
Photo: Gillian Laub

Married 60 Years: Betty & Louis Chernoff

The Franklin, Michigan couple met at a junior-high-school dance and still jitterbug every day.
Photo: Gillian Laub
Stella & Ben Sonnenschein
Ayako Kawakami & Harold “Pete” Petersen
June & Bill Pritchard
Betty & Louis Chernoff

Relationship Insights

Couple walking down a road holding hands

Hello, Stranger
Marriage had definite benefits, yes, though mystery and excitement may not have ranked among them. Then a chance meeting caused the author to look at her long-standing relationship with fresh eyes.

Chairs on wood floor

Break Out of Relationship Ruts
Do the same problems crop up over and over? Try these expert solutions.

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Bio Photo of a Babysitter

9 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Babysitter

Not just anyone can―or should―take care of your kids. Here's how to find someone you and your family will love.

  • Network. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Consider joining an online network such as Sitter City ( to browse available sitters (and nannies)—and access their references and background checks.
  • Prepare a contact sheet. Include numbers for your cell phone, the family doctor, and all emergency care. Write down allergies and other important medical information.

    Related: The Ultimate Family Contact Sheet

  • Schedule interviews. Meet with candidates and ask about his or her qualifications, including any CPR or first-aid training. (American Red Cross branches offer babysitter’s training courses for $25 to $80.) Discuss the amount of money you’re offering.

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