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DIY Marriage Counseling

Relationship experts reveal four common couple problems, and how you (yes, you!) can fix them yourself.

Science Proves Breaking Up Really Is Hard to Do

But women tend to recover faster than men.

The Secrets to Reading People’s Emotions in Person and Online

“Empathy.” “People skills.” “Catching vibes.” Social intelligence, or the ability to recognize other people’s emotions—and to use this intel to navigate relationships—has been called many things. But even if you think that you are fairly good at dealing with people, social competence is something you can—and should—continue to cultivate throughout your life. Here’s how to do it.

What My Disaster of a Wedding Taught Me About Marriage

Mangled invitations, hurricane evacuations, and a drunk aunt on a rampage? As Eliza Kennedy discovered, wedding-day debacles are perfect preparation for the highs and lows of marriage.

How to Deal With the Friend Who’s Always Late

And how to handle your own time management issues, too.

The Power of Real-Life Friendships

Have we replaced real friendships and civic participation with Facebook likes and hashtag activism? And are we too far gone to fix it? Here's the expert take on why face-to-face connections are so crucial (particularly now)—and some inspiration to make more of your own.

5 Things to Never Keep from Your Partner

Sometimes secrets can be fun in a relationship. (Surprise trip to Fiji, honey!) But certain lies of omission do long-term damage. Here are five areas where honesty is the only policy.

6 Sneaky Ways You’re Hurting Your Relationship

It’s not just about the fights, but how they happen, too.

5 Situations in Life You Just Can't Hack

We all love a great efficiency hack, but for the important things, shortcuts are a waste of time.