The Best Advice From Mom

Real Simple staffers share the can't-miss advice we've learned from our own moms.

Mother kissing childMelanie Acevedo

Jackie Monk: Don't judge a book by its cover. And know how to write a complaint letter.

Sarah Humphreys: "There's a lid for every pot." (So true.)

Danielle Claro: My mother taught me to be happy with the way I look naturally—and saved me from a potentially tragic perm in the eighth grade.

Kathleen Harris: The key to a great party: good food, open invitations, and the promise that it will happen again next year.

Noelle Howey: Have strong opinions and care passionately about what goes on in the world.

Nicole Sforza: A crossword puzzle can take your mind off just about anything.

Pam Grossman: "People who seem the least lovable need love the most."

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