How To: Make a Wine-Cork Horse

Go ahead and recycle those empty wine bottles, but hold onto the cork

stoppers for this neigh-ver been seen before craft.


What You Need

  • Scissors and utility knife
    rubber bands
    tape (transparent
    or colored)
    gift wrap or decorative paper
    kraft paper
    5 round wooden toothpicks with pointed ends
    2 wine corks
    small scrap of construction paper
  1. Cut 2 toothpicks to 11⁄2 inches long and another 2 toothpicks to 11⁄4 inches. (The longer toothpicks will be the front legs of the horse, and the shorter ones will be the back legs; this is so the weight of the head won’t make the horse tip forward.)

  2. Use the permanent marker to mark dots on the bottom of one cork for where the legs will go into the body. The front legs should be about 1⁄4 inch from the front of the body and 1⁄2 inch apart from each other. Do the same for the back legs on the back end of the body. Carefully poke the pointy end of each toothpick into its mark at a slight angle to make the legs. The blunt ends will be the hooves. Test the body of the horse to make sure it stands up.

  3. Use a discarded toothpick end to poke a hole in the top of the body, centered between the front legs.

  4. In the other cork, poke a hole about 1⁄4 inch from one end. This will be the head.

  5. Trim the remaining toothpick to 1 inch long for the neck. Because the toothpicks can break easily, carefully insert the toothpick into the bottom of the head. Poke the other end of the toothpick neck into the hole on the top of the body. Use permanent marker to draw eyes and nostrils.

  6. Cut two small triangles from the scrap of construction paper and glue them to two tiny discarded toothpick ends. Stick them into the top of the head to make ears.

  7. Cut two 2-inch pieces from the yarn. Knot the pieces together at the center. Fold the yarn over at the knot so you have four 1-inch strands. Staple the knot to the top of the body near the back end to make the tail.