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Creative Ideas for Giving Back

How to Donate Your Kids’ Toys and Clothes

Get your kids invested in donating their old stuff to make it easier on everyone.

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Have the Talk

At this point in the process you should explain to your child why donating items is important, and that it may be time to give up a few of her own. “You can do that by telling her that she could be helping another family with little children who aren’t as lucky as she is, and who can’t afford to have toys,” says Dr. Felker.

If you already know which organization you’ll be donating to, show your child the site and read the mission statement together so she understands where her beloved items will be going. Or, if your child is old enough, give her a few options of places to donate to and allow her to pick one.

If she’s still resistant after you explain that she hasn’t used these things in months, and that she could be helping out a family in need, try asking her what some of her favorite items from the list are, and why. This will help you with the next idea.

Give It Time

“If a child is very resistant, then I would suggest separating some things out by putting them in a box or on a shelf for donating when she’s ready,” says Dr. Felker. Ask your child to tell you when she doesn’t need the objects anymore, or when she thinks she is too old for them. If she doesn’t come around in a few months, check back in with her and point out whether or not she has been actually playing with the toys. Then, when she decides she’s able to part with them, reward her with acknowledgment and praise for being strong enough to give up something she liked for someone else who might need it more.

By involving your child in the process of donating old items from start to finish, you will give her a positive experience to remember. One she may even want to repeat with you next spring.

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