How To: Make Cardboard Shoes

These giant “shoes” can be decorated according to your child’s obsession du jour (ballet slippers, robot feet, replicas of Mommy’s favorite wedges). They’re great for clomping around during a silly dance party or a goofy relay race. And younger kids can use them to practice their bow-tying skills.




What You Need

  • Scissors and utility knife, markers, ruler, rubber bands, glue, tape (transparent, duct, masking, or colored), gift wrap or decorative paper, kraft paper, 2 adult-size shoe boxes, construction paper, shoelaces


Total time: 1 hour
  1. Cut a semicircular hole from one end of the top of each lid. (It should be just large enough for a child to slide in her foot.)

  2. Decorate each box and its lid with tape or paper. Using a utility knife, punch small holes, then thread the laces.

  3. Line the side rim of each lid with glue and return it to its box. Secure with tape as needed.