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The Best Parenting Websites

It’s a dot-mom world―and you’re speeding down the information superhighway. Slow down and pull over at these not-to-be-missed sites.

By Lori Bergamotto
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 Best Daily Destination
 What it is: A veritable safety net of we’ve-been-there advice and keep-you-in-the-loop news to help you during that gigantic leap into the world of parenting.
 Why it's worth your time: You’ll get smart, timely conversations. In other words, a break from goo-goo ga-ga sounds that can be the only talk you hear all day.
 Don't miss: The Health and Development section, where experts weigh in on 36 controversial topics, such as co-sleeping, cord-blood banking, and spanking.
 What it is: An online magazine that touches on such topics as autism awareness and fitness ideas on shedding the baby weight, all in a chatty, tell-it-like-it-is forum.
 Why it's worth your time: With the Power to the People e-mail, a quarterly e-blast for readers, you can save 10 to 20 percent off certain purchases at mom-friendly stores.
 Don't miss: A burgeoning local resource guide that tips you off to the best take-the-kids restaurants and bring-the-baby resorts.
 What it is: As the founders so aptly put it, “a site for people who care about good design but just happen to have children.”
 Why it's worth your time: There’s a wealth of trust-worthy resources for home improvements, saving you the trouble of gathering word-of-mouth advice.

Don't miss: The Nursery Tours: voyeuristic, behind-the-scenes glimpses of real-life children’s rooms, including those decorated on an itty-bitty budget.

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