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The Best Parenting Websites

It’s a dot-mom world―and you’re speeding down the information superhighway. Slow down and pull over at these not-to-be-missed sites.

By Lori Bergamotto
Computer deskJames Baigrie
Best for Practical Information
 What it is: An all-questions-answered primer for the newly pregnant and the newly parenting, with eco-friendly undertones.
 Why it's worth your time: No need to troll multiple sites when you can get one-stop shopping here: parent-to-parent advice, cool baby gear, and green-living guides.
 Don't miss: The useful and easy-to-navigate baby-name database: more than 50,000 names tailored to the origin, the level of popularity, and the letter you desire.
 What it is: A comprehensive cyber-world that offers advice from a pediatric nurse-practitioner, reader-approved recipes, and even family-dog pros and cons.
 Why it's worth your time: You can quickly put to rest many anxiety-inducing issues, like language milestones and food allergies. Find all the answers here.
 Don't miss: The movie reviews. Never again will you suffer through a mind-numbing kids’ movie, thanks to the honest critiques of family-oriented films.
 What it is: A cross-country handbook of restaurants, resorts, after-school activities, and services that cater to kids, complete with reviews by parents.
 Why it's worth your time: Those steely glares from the no-children-welcome zone? Steer clear of them forever.
 Don't miss: The handy link to the extensive list of toy recalls from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.


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