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It’s quiet. Plain, simple, boring, vanilla-flavored quiet. How do you help them turn off the noise of their lives? And why is it so crucial? Here’s some sound advice.

5 Yoga Poses for Kids

Who says adults are the only ones that can benefit from a little time on the yoga mat? Susan Verde, author of I Am Yoga ($8,, shares five kid-friendly poses, along with whimsical illustrations excerpted from her book. The moves, which include downward dog and the aptly-named child's pose, are targeted for children between the ages of four and 10.

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Is Being Fair Really That Important?

Stop worrying about each kid getting the same size cookie or an identical number of gifts, because the short answer to the question above is NO. Here's what children really mean when they scream, "That's not fair!" and the response from you that helps them build character.