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Can I Complain When Someone Regifts?

What can you say if your the second recipient of a gift? Real Simple's etiquette expert weighs in.

Woman unwrapping a gift in front of a fireplaceBeatriz da Costa

Q. Every year, my sister-in-law sends me something that she has obviously regifted. How should I reciprocate?

A. You shouldn’t. Your brother and his wife may be having financial troubles that you don’t know about, she might not realize that what she’s doing is obvious, or maybe they’re just taking a stand against our consumerist culture. So don’t confront her or complain, since regifting doesn’t really deserve the bad rap that it has. (Don’t you own something that’s nice and unused that you know someone else would love?) Accept the gift graciously, and try not to take it so seriously.

—Michelle Slatalla 

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