Take a Look Inside Grace Kelly’s Childhood Home

Her son, Prince Albert II of Monaco, recently purchased the Philadelphia house.

Take a Look at This New Optical Illusion That’s All Over the Internet

First it was The Dress. Then it was the Brick Wall. And now? It’s this pair of legs that’s causing a Twitter debate.

Meet Your New Anne of Green Gables

The beloved character will be played by an upcoming 14 year-old, Irish Canadian actor.

7 Books to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping This Halloween

Halloween is a time to embrace the scary. After all, it’s when haunted houses, spooky jack-o-lanterns, and menacing costumes all make their grand annual appearance. If the cobwebs and skeletons adorning your neighbors’ homes aren’t quite putting you into the Halloween spirit, here are seven books to get you ready for the frightful holiday. From psychological thrillers to flat out horror novels, these books will get your heart racing as you tear through the pages. And really, what’s better than a book that you cannot put down? A seemingly perfect husband reveals his psychopathic dark side in B.A. Paris’ horrifying Behind Closed Doors. An old friend resurfaces and gets too close (in a Single White Female sort of way) in Watching Edie, by British author Camilla Way. Thanks to Keith Donohue’s The Motion of Puppets, you may never look at a toy store the same way. And crumbling old homes reveal their haunted histories in Arrowood and The Witch on Persimmon Point. Crime novelist extraordinaire Tana French is back with the sixth installment of her Dublin Murder Squad series, one that is getting lots of attention this month. French’s The Trespasser follows detective Antoinette Conway as she struggles to solve a murder case as her colleagues do everything they can to get in her way. These books may not feature ghouls and goblins (check out 7 Creepy Books That Might Give You Nightmares for more seasonal reads), but they are guaranteed to make the hair on your neck stand up. Happy Halloween and happy reading!

Smithsonian Launches Kickstarter to Preserve Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

The Smithsonian is clicking its heels three times and wishing for $300,000.

Stop Everything and Watch This Breathtaking Trailer for Planet Earth II

The BBC nature documentary series is coming back, and it looks epic.

Harry Potter is Coming Back to Theaters for One Week

See Harry Potter on the big screen beginning October 13.

How to Make a Piñata

This super simple DIY piñata—no paper mache required—is sure to make any party that much sweeter.