How To: Make a Cardboard Barn

Corral homemade animals (yarn-ball sheep! wine-cork horses!) in this sweet stable, complete with toothpick hay sheaves and a Popsicle-stick fence. If Old MacDonald isn’t your child’s style, the barn can be turned into a dollhouse or an auto garage.




What You Need

  • Scissors and utility knife
    rubber bands
    tape (transparent
    or colored)
    gift wrap or decorative paper
    kraft paper
    small to medium corrugated-cardboard box
    Popsicle sticks


Total time: 20 minutes
  1. Starting with the box fully opened, fold the 2 large flaps of the top so that they meet and form a peak. Secure with tape.

  2. Fold up the small flaps to meet the roof. Trim the edges with a utility knife. Secure the roof shut with tape.

  3. Cover the outside with patterned paper and attach paper to the roof, letting it hang by about 1⁄2 inch over the sides.

  4. On the front of the barn, measure to the center of the box and draw 2 barn doors. Cut up the center and across the top and the bottom of each door. Using a utility knife, scire the “hinge” of each door so the doors fold open easily. Decorate the doors with Popsicle sticks.