How to Make a Fire-Breathing Dragon

This is potty humor suitable for company. Toilet-paper rolls turned into ferocious beasts will have everyone roaring with delight. Next up: snakes! (Same directions; just add all-red streamers for the tongues.)



What You Need

  • Paint in various colors (we used Crayola’s washable paint) and paintbrushes; toilet-paper rolls (empty); 1-inch wooden balls (available at most craft stores); crepe-paper streamers in red
    and yellow; scissors; tape; Magna-Tac 809 glue (fast
  1. Paint a toilet-paper roll in one solid color. Next, paint the eyes onto 2 wooden balls: For the outsides of the eyes, use the same color as the roll. For the eyeballs, paint an elongated oval shape in a second color. For the irises, do the same in another color (or in black marker). Allow to dry for 20 minutes.

  2. Cut three 6-inch pieces of each color of crepe paper.

  3. Stack the crepe paper and cut the ends to look like flames. (You should be able to do all 9 pieces at once. A simple curved zigzag makes a convincing flame.)

  4. Tape the crepe paper to the inside of the roll. First put down a layer of red, then orange, and then yellow.

  5. Glue the eyes onto the end opposite from the flames, about 11/2 inches apart, and 2 pom-poms for the nostrils onto the same end as the flames, about 1/2 inch apart. Then let the wild rumpus start.