How Busy Moms Can Save Time

  • Minute 1:Drop two Alka-Seltzer tablets into the toilet bowl and let the bubbles do their magic. Toss used towels in a pile outside the door; stash odds and ends (brushes, hair dryer) in drawers or a pretty basket. Get rid of melty soap bars and lingering chips.
  • Minute 2:With a damp microfiber cloth, swipe cobwebs from ceiling corners (stick the cloth on the end of a broom to reach) and dust door frames, tile ledges, moldings, shelves, framed art, and sills. Rinse and wring. Do the light switch and the soap dish with a disinfecting wipe.
  • Minute 3:Spray mirrors with glass cleaner and rub in circles with the cloth. Then run a wipe over the vanity and the sink to pick up rogue hairs, powder, and toothpaste. (Clorox brand is safe for most hard surfaces, including marble.) Grab a new wipe for the faucet handles, the wall behind the faucet, and any light fixtures.
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