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Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

How to Budget for DIY Flowers

Find out the price per stem of popular wedding flowers.

Bouquet of pink amaryllisPhoto: Tara Donne; Flowers: Nicolette Camille

Most people think Christmas when they hear amaryllis, but when used in pink and combined with snowball viburnum, it gives off a fun spring vibe.

Bouquet by Nicolette Camille

Planning to play florist and handle the flowers yourself? Use this guideline to the per-stem cost of popular wedding flowers to choose the varieties that fit your budget. Keep in mind that prices will vary according to weather and market conditions.

Amaryllis (show above): $6 to $8
Anemone: $1 to $2
Aster: about $1
Calla Lily: $2 to $5
Cosmos: about $1
Daffodil: less than $1.50
Dahlia: $1.50
Delphinium: $1 to $2
Gardenia: $8 to $20
Gerbera Daisy: $1 to $3
Gladiolus: $2 to $3
Heather (filler): less than $1.50
Hyacinth: $1 to $3
Iris: $1 to $1.50
Lilac: $3
Lisianthus: $1 to $2
Ornithogalum (Star-of-Bethlehem): $1 to $2
Orchid (Cattleya, by the bloom): $14
Peony: $4 to $7
Phlox: $1 to $2
Poppy: about $1.50
Ranunculus: $1 to $2
Stephanotis: $1 to $3
Sunflower: $2 to $3
Sweet Pea: $1 to $2
Tulip: $1 to $4
Viburnum (shown above): $3 to $6
Zinnia: about $1.50

Learn how to Turn Supermarket Flowers Into Beautiful Bouquets.

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