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The 3 Most Surprising Trends From New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week in New York City is known for its host of celebrities, models, and striking (if sometimes a bit wacky) outfits—both on the runways and on the guests. As designers previewed their collections for Spring 2017 this past week, a few trends popped up again and again—and we couldn’t be more pleased to see them.

RS Cancer Survivor Gets A Major Surprise

We surprised Real Simple copy editor (and cancer survivor), Pamela Grossman, with a gift that keeps on giving. Watch her heartfelt reaction here.

Here’s What It Was Like to Have Roald Dahl for a Father

We spoke to his youngest daughter, Lucy, about her dad’s creativity, his bedtime stories, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Harry Potter Fans, Here’s Your Chance to Visit Hogsmeade

This Fall, a neighborhood in Philadelphia turns into the wizarding village for a festival celebrating J.K. Rowling’s beloved series.

How 1 Texas Woman Is Breaking Political Barriers

Ivy R. Taylor on rising to the task without losing sight of her mission

How to Start a Business

Have a brilliant business notion and wondering how to make it real? Whether you want to start an Etsy shop or the next Airbnb, you’ll benefit from these expert steps to prosperous entrepreneurship.

The Surprising History of 5 Common School Supplies

As the humble pencil and its brethren prepare to fill backpacks, let’s honor them with a look back at their origins.

4 Reasons Why It’s a Great Time to Be a Dog

In celebration of National Dog Day, we’ve hounded the best products and experiences for pampered pooches.

5 Plants That Can Help Purify Indoor Air, According to Science

New research shows these common house plants all absorb harmful chemicals.

Here Are the Real Dangers of Charging $600 for the EpiPen

The 600 percent price hike for this essential drug is putting lives at risk.