How to Have a Just-Simple-Enough Holiday (9 photos)

With an overblown, all-out, retail-fueled holiday frenzy at one extreme and an all-natural, homemade Christmas worthy of Little House on the Prairie at the other, I’m guessing most of us have a holiday that lies somewhere in the middle. If you find yourself struggling to balance a desire for...

Kitchen of the Week: A Hardworking Island in a Timeless Space (7 photos)

The kitchen in this 1940s Ottawa cottage was big enough for only one person to use and not suitable for the family now living there. “Before, this kitchen was about the size of a bathroom and was lackluster,” says interior designer Nathan Kyle of Astro Design Centre. Kyle began the design process...

A Dark & Stormy Eclectic Living Room with Artistic Touches

The chilly air of winter settling in so we’re seeking interiors with richer textures and darker hues. This Brooklyn Heights townhouse designed by Coburn Architects that has exactly what we’re looking for: A tufted navy velvet couch which adds the ultimate luxury to an eclectic living room.

How to Organize a Wrapping Station

Los Angeles-based lifestyle expert, Sally Horchow invites us into her wrap studio.

photography by AMANDA FRIEDMAN

wrapping as a family
Sally learned the art of wrapping at her mother's wrap desk at age 5, wrote thank-you notes before she could tie her own shoes, and worked in packing and shipping at the Horchow Collection (the mail-order company founded by her father) soon thereafter.