How to Build a Homemade Haunted House and Scare Your Guests

This is the homemade haunted house that my friends and I made this year. The entire build was in my friend's large basement. We recycled props from the past couple years, and even made a few new ones. If you're wondering, the walls are 4Mil Plastic Sheeting that we bought at Lowes. I believe the final count was 12 or 13 rolls of 10ft x 25ft sheeting. This is a semi-expensive hobby to do every year.

The videos below include the building of the haunted house, the first walkthrough before any major changes are made, and then two videos of the guests reactions.

Our Homes, Ourselves and Creating the Perfect Stress-Free Environment

Our homes can serve as a utopia for our often busy and action-packed lifestyles. Home is a reflection of what's important to us, who's important to us, and indicative of our own personal style and preferences. This is where we spend an important part of our day, which is also why our homes have such a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves.

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Friends, family of Ebola patient reach milestone

As her boyfriend Thomas Eric Duncan lay dying of Ebola in a Dallas hospital bed, Louise Troh battled loneliness and fear that she too had contracted the disease while confined to a stranger's home under armed guard.

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How To Make A Hotel Bed At Home

Fluffy sheets, oodles of pillows -- if we could sleep in hotel beds all the time, we totally would.

So we did a little digging, and it turns out there are indeed tricks -- even a few subconscious ones -- that will morph your own bedroom into a haven of suite-level quality. Making your own hotel bed is easier than you think, with a few easy rules.

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