5 ways to avoid getting sick during the holidays

Shopping for gifts, cooking, parties and traveling to see family are holiday responsibilities that require a lot of energy, and coming down with a cold or flu is the last thing you need this time of year.

Houzz Tour: A Light-Filled Paris Studio Redesigned for Living (14 photos)

A secondhand-furniture enthusiast had lived for years in her quirky but charming studio in Paris. But her home was designed more for painting than for living. She hired architect Miriam Gassmann to remodel the space and allow it to be bathed in light from colossal windows. The architect’s challenge...

A Definitive List Of Holiday Candles, Ranked

Every season has its definitive, nostalgia-inducing scent. In summer, it's the balmy combination of warm air, sunscreen and barbecue; come spring you're likely to get a whiff of fresh air and fresh laundry. It's harder, though, to pinpoint winter's signature scent. There is that distinct smell of firewood permeating people's homes or the baked good wafting from someone's oven or another. But you could also say the fragrance of winter is the ever-present scent of freshly-cut pine.

Houzz Call: Show Us Your Hardworking Garden Shed! (5 photos)

Somewhere between an outdoor closet and a grown-up’s playhouse, the garden shed gives homeowners that extra space they crave without their having to invest the time or money other construction projects require. In many cities sheds smaller than a certain square footage don’t even need building permits....

10 Ways to Cope With Grief During the Holidays (8 photos)

I’m smack dab in the throes of grief once again this holiday season. On a recent Sunday evening, I lost my big sister quite unexpectedly. Within the past six years, I’ve lost two other siblings plus my mom, and two of those losses happened during the weeks around Christmas. I know I’m not alone....

Want Your Cookies To Look Really Fancy? Try This 3D Printer

Behind on your holiday baking? Maybe a 3D printer would help.

Natural Machines, a Barcelona-based startup, has created a 3D printer for food, called the "Foodini." It won't do all the work necessary to make a batch of cookies, but it at least helps with assembly, giving non-experts a way to make intricate food creations.

10 Super Festive Holiday Wreath Front Doors

This is the time of year when you most want your front door to say welcome. Here are 10 ways to add holiday curb appeal with a wreath.
By Meredith Swinehart for Gardenista

Two soft pine wreaths on a pair of stern wood doors.

Shop Houzz: Build the Best Bar Cart (67 photos)

Once you invest in a home bar, entertaining really gets fun. You can sip cocktails you love, indulge in a nightcap and mix up fancy drinks that wow friends. First you’ll want a bar cart, then stock it with the right glassware, barware and tools — all available in the Houzz Shop. Cocktail enthusiast...

Great Design Plant: Winterberry Rouses Frosty Gardens (6 photos)

Most people have never heard of the deciduous holly called winterberry — evergreen hollies are much better known and more commonly found in residential landscapes. But for gardeners in cold climates, winterberry offers a lot. It's easy to love this species and its many cultivars, which offer outstanding...