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Clever Closet-Organizing Products

Real Simple Solutions Slimline Hangers

Reclaim half of your closet space with Slimline Hangers from the Real Simple Solutions line, available exclusively at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
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Features of the product:

- A built-in hook allows the hangers to cascade, saving you even more space. They also have accessory bars to securely hold belts, scarves, or ties.

- The slimline hangers are flocked to keep clothing from slipping.

- They have indents for straps so that your dresses won’t slip off onto the floor.

- You can convert the Slimline Hangers into skirt or slacks hangers by purchasing Hanger Clips. Slimline Pant Hangers with swing-out arms and Tie Hangers are also available. Note: Hanger Clips are only available in Black and Stone.

- Creative use: Make a gift-wrap station with a Pant Hanger by slipping spools of ribbon on the top rungs and layering tissue paper on the bottom rungs.

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