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More of Your Lifelong Ambitions

Real Simple readers share the three things they'd love to accomplish in a lifetime.

Red tap dance shoesYunhee
1. Find out how to make the perfect Thai iced tea with that bright orange tint.
2. Go to the winter Olympics and sit in the stands freezing my nose off and chanting, “U-S-A! U-S-A!”
3. Pay my rent and car bills with the same paycheck. I’ll know I’ve made it then.
Gabrielle Lafitte
Oakland, California
1. Swim in every major ocean or sea.
2. Join the Peace Corps with my fiancé, Chris.
3. Open an old-fashioned candy shop.
Elizabeth Budd
St. Louis, Missouri
1. Build a backyard labyrinth.
2. Visit all 50 states.
3. Learn to play the recorder.
Cecelia Burnett
Gorham, Maine
1. Drive on the autobahn in Germany.
2. Visit the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia.
3. See the ruins in Athens.
Carole Donnelly
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1. See Europe.
2. Live in an ultra-gorgeous loft with tons of natural light in an artsy neighborhood (preferably in Chicago) and be the über-stylish older couple who frequent the neighborhood coffee shop and read the morning paper together while sipping coffee and occasionally touching hands.
3. Have at least one more baby.
Jane Maus
Grand Prairie, Texas
1. Publish my novel.
2. Study Hebrew.
3. Learn to play the violin.
Ruthie Spiero
Raymond, New Hampshire
1. Have a great laugh every day (bonus if it’s with my husband).
2. Get over my body issues once and for all.
3. Make a mistake and learn from it each and every day.
Lisa Mattes
Sussex, Wisconsin
1. Travel.
2. Chocolate.
3. Family.
These are the things that make me happiest and the things I will never get enough of.
Caroline Eskridge
Greenville, South Carolina
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