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How Do You Save Money on Everyday Essentials?

Real Simple readers share how they save big on the little things.

Wallet and keys James Baigrie

My husband and I have made a vow to each other to live more mindfully and think well before making purchases. If we need something, we will head down to the local thrift store before buying the item new. This is good for our wallet and good for the environment. The other day, I found a brand-new, still-in-the-package vegetable steamer for only $1. It was $20 at Target.
Deidre Webster
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I bring coffee from home in a reusable cup, which saves money and the environment.
Caroline Joyce
Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

Simply by clipping coupons and stocking up when things are on sale. I recently bought a coupon organizer, so when I’m in the store, I’m able to find the item in my organizer quickly. It makes life easier when you have multiple coupons and need to find a money saver for your shopping.
Christy Larsen
Eagan, Minnesota

I have two children who take their lunches to school each day, and using plastic sandwich keepers instead of disposable bags has both saved us money and helped us be a little greener.
Jill Waugh
Hamburg, New York

My husband and I travel frequently for business, and we often take the hotel toiletry samples home. We have fun trying the different products, and using them helps us reminisce about our trips.
Lesley Brandt
Omaha, Nebraska

We grow some of our food, like beans, tomatoes, squash, and other vegetables that change in price throughout the year. Then we can them or freeze them so we can use them whenever we need to.
Chloe Chambers
Molena, Georgia

Use cloth napkins and rags instead of paper napkins and paper towels. Doing this has really cut our spending.
Peggy Lewis
Newhall, California

I stop thinking of “everyday essentials” as everyday essentials. That way, I won’t need them.
Maria Gao
Iowa City, Iowa

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