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What's Your Favorite Product and Why?

Real Simple readers share the products they simply can't live without.

Various items on a dresserBurcu Avsar

Worth the Weight

My favorite product is my scale. I know many women are gasping as they read this, but hear me out. Although the scale reminds me of exactly how much I have gained or how much I need to continue to work out, it also reminds me how much my husband loves me―because whatever it says, that will always be just a number to him.
Melissa Biggers
San Antonio, TX

Squeaky Clean

Club soda gets fresh stains out of carpets better than any cleanser I’ve tried. I also drop my diamond engagement ring in a cupful to get it super sparkly before special events.
Caurie Putnam
Brockport, New York

I am allergic to most of the cleaning products on the market, so when I find something that doesn't make me sneeze, I'm thrilled. I use Method Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes to clean everything from the kitchen table to spots on the floor. Plus, they're good for my environmental conscience.
Elvira Berezowsky
Edmonton, Alberta

I have used so many products to clean my bathtub, but nothing works as well as Dow Scrubbing Bubbles. I've tried other products, but I had to go back. I can just spray over the whole tub, the walls, everywhere. I come back in five minutes and, with little to no work, my tub is clean, with no residue.
Christina Taft
Beaverton, Oregon

Simple Green all-purpose cleaner does such a great job cleaning so many things around the house besides the usual floors, walls, and countertops. Just a little sprayed on a damp cloth gets sneakers white again, the outdoor patio set looking like new, and car interiors clean. My husband puts it in his power washer and cleans the house siding with it. In addition, it's fresh smelling, nontoxic, and biodegradable. And because it is concentrated and goes a long way, it's economical.
Dorrie Leaderstorf
Wheatfield, New York

I'm convinced this beautiful little sponge really is magic, and it's so versatile. In one use, the 3M Magic Eraser "erased" five―count them, five―years of bachelor scum off the walls and every surface in my boyfriend's kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. I actually feel sad when the sponge is no longer usable. An amazing product.
Arika Ruse
Minneapolis, Minnesota

It doesn't matter what I need to clean―and with two teenagers that's a lot. I use Windex in our bathrooms, our kitchen, our bedrooms, on the cars, on the patio, and on the porch. I keep the largest refill bottle I can find in our "housekeeping bucket" with the other cleaning products, but I always run out of Windex first.
Antoinette Parker
Menifee, California

I used to think Endust was just for dusting, but it cleans my stainless-steel appliances like nothing I've ever found. And trust me―I've tried a ton of products.
Amy Houston
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Everyone who has pets should keep a bottle of Nature's Miracle Orange-Oxy stain and odor remover handy. I have two cats and a dog, and this product is truly a miracle. One of my cats, angry that I had brought a dog into the house, urinated on my bed. I used this product on the stain. The next day, the mattress was not only pristine white but also smelled wonderful―not even a hint of odor left. And this product has never discolored my furniture or carpeting.
Lishia Rolbiecki
Burnsville, Minnesota

Any brand of foaming soap makes it fun and easy for my kids to wash their hands, and I don’t have to worry about gloppy liquid soap drizzled all over the sink or dripped onto their clothes.
Krista Noel
Carlisle, Pennsylvania

I’m so happy that being green is finally catching on. In the bathroom, I use Method Eucalyptus Mint flushable wipes. They’re great for cleaning everything from the floor to the sink. Not only do they make the room smell good for hours, but you can also toss them in the toilet when you’re done―because they’re biodegradable.
Jennifer Allen
Roswell, Georgia

My favorite product is the Natchez Solution. It can be used to polish all types of wood. My daughter-in-law introduced me to it, and when I got my own, I went crazy, using it on my kitchen cabinets, dining table and chairs, all my wood furniture, and doors and baseboards. It covers up and conceals scratches or any flaws in the wood. It’s like a miracle.
Ellen Gervase
Itasca, Illinois

Shaklee Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate not only cleans greasy stoves, crusted spills, hair-dye drips, and wall scuffs but it’s also pet-and child-safe. If you can have only one cleaning product for your car, family, and home, Basic H2 should be it.
Gesci Meyer
Mountain Home, Idaho
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