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What Song Makes Your Heart Melt (and Why)?

Real Simple asked readers to name the one song that touches them most.

Stevie Wonder's Jennifer Causey


My husband picked “Now and Forever,” by Richard Marx, for the beginning of our wedding ceremony. I remember listening to it as I watched him wait at the front of the chapel and thinking that if we had written our own vows, that song would be what he would have said.
Vika Salnikova-Leeper
Portland, Oregon
The first time I heard “Time to Say Goodbye,” by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli, was when the love of my life played it for me when we were reunited after 20 years apart. The title implies parting, but the lyrics actually tell the story of two lovers setting off on life’s great adventure together. The song seems to follow me everywhere―I hear it at restaurants, at my hairdresser’s, even on people’s car stereos. When I do, I am stopped in my tracks and cannot keep from weeping with joy.
Thankful Vanderstar
Washington, D.C.
For 16 years, “Groovy Kind of Love,” by Phil Collins, has been “our song.” My husband always secretly requests it at wedding receptions, and within the first few notes my eyes find him in the crowd and I instantly fall in love with him again.
Kelly Aversa
Puyallup, Washington
Yo-Yo Ma’s version of “Libertango” is full of passion, freedom, strength, and love, with a hint of playfulness. When I hear it, I close my eyes and imagine myself dancing the dance of forbidden love with my husband―every step perfect, every movement fluid. The feeling I get when he’s holding me makes my heart melt and my spirit soar.
Natalia Frank
Kingwood, Texas
On our honeymoon, my husband and I took a helicopter ride over the beautiful island of Maui, and the soulful version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, played as background music. If I need a moment to reconnect with my husband, I watch the video of the flight that we took home with us, and the music takes me away.
Krisy Smith
Anniston, Alabama
I think “When a Man Loves a Woman,” by Percy Sledge (not the Michael Bolton version), is the most deeply felt love song. Even the opening organ measures make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. When my husband is in his car on a trip, if the song comes on the radio, he will call and play it over the phone to me. That melts my heart!
Kimberly Cordner
Springfield, Vermont
Rod Stewart’s “For the First Time” is a great song for people who married their best friend. It talks about how, one day, a person you have always seen becomes something different, something beautiful.
Melissa Schatz
Kennewick, Washington
Every time I hear Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight,” I think about how in love the man is with the woman and how beautiful she is in his eyes, regardless of what she may look like to everyone else or how tired and stressed she may feel. My husband always makes me feel that way.
Eva Corets
Clyde Hill, Washington
“Shining Star,” by the Manhattans, takes me back to junior high in the ’70s and those first arms-all-over, head-on-shoulders slow dances in the school cafeteria, with the lights low and the disco ball turning. It was such a simple time, and nothing else mattered but you and your first crush.
Lisa Lee
Cape Coral, Florida
“Annie’s Song,” by John Denver, always made me cry when my husband and I first fell in love. Sixteen years and three children later, this song about how a loved one fills your senses still evokes the moment when I gave my heart to him and reminds me of the reckless abandon of new and true love.
Sandra Bitton-Manfredi
Montreal, Quebec
Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Grow Old With Me” makes my heart melt. The line “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be,” from the Robert Browning poem, was on a card my husband gave me for our 15th wedding anniversary―the same card I coincidentally gave him! Later, after our four children were in bed, as we listened to the song by candlelight, we reflected on the wonderful marriage we had and made plans for the exciting possibilities to come. Five years later, I am pleased to report that it gets better and better.
Tammy Neeb
Blue Springs, Missouri
“God Only Knows,” by the Beach Boys, makes me think of my fiancé. It’s sappy without being too mushy, so he’s not too embarrassed about singing it to me. I really don’t know what I would do without him. It’s such a simple declaration of love.
Jenny Keller
Astoria, New York
“Unchained Melody,” by the Righteous Brothers, makes me feel weak in the knees, even after having heard it a million times. It just captures the floating, heart-wrenching feeling of absolute longing that passion for another person can induce.
Megan Smutz
Manchester, New Jersey
“Where’ve You Been,” by Kathy Mattea, makes me cry from the first note. It’s about an elderly couple and all they have been through; now, in their final days, they sing each other this beautiful song about devotion and love.
Erin Hunt
Cottage Grove, Minnesota
Listening to Morten Lauridsen’s “O Magnum Mysterium” is like looking into the eyes of love for the first time, or seeing the night sky over a snowy field, or reaching the top of a mountain and taking your first look around. Each time I hear it, I am lifted to this beautiful, tear-filled place.
Melissa M.
Humble, Texas

Lost Love

Faith Hill’s “There You’ll Be” always reminds me of a past love who gave me support and made me stronger. It makes me sad, since we are not together now, but it gives me strength and the confidence to continue being who I am.
Magdalene Ng
Queens, New York
“Love to Be Loved,” by Peter Gabriel, is about how hard it is to let go of someone or something we love, how we make peace with our decision, and how it shapes our life. It amazes me how poetically the song describes the emotions and explores the human spirit.
Melissa Shemanski
Dobbs Ferry, New York
Wherever I am when I hear “I’ll Be Seeing You (In All the Old Familiar Places),” especially Rod Stewart’s version, I stop what I’m doing and visualize the dear relatives and friends who are no longer here. For a little while it brings them back to me.
Lisa Fireman
Sharon, Massachusetts
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