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What Is Your Favorite Cleaning Tool?

Real Simple readers share their trusted time-savers.

Cleaning suppliesKeate

The Do-It-All Adhesive

I have a dark carpet that hides dirt and stains but shows every piece of sock fuzz and lint. I make small rolls of duct tape, sticky-side out, my kids put them on their hands and feet, and they make a game out of collecting the fuzz. Instead of my having to run the vacuum, they get to play.
Angela Carroll
McKee, Kentucky

Trusted Classics

Paintbrushes of all sizes are great for dusting hard-to-reach places, like the spaces underneath and between radio buttons and knobs, the crevices in remote controls, windowpane borders, light fixtures, and decorative wood etchings. The bonus is that my kids love using them this way.
Nancy Leppla
Fairfield, Connecticut
I love using squeegees to clean the windows and mirrors in my house; they leave virtually no streaks. And I've found that they cost less in the automotive aisle than in the cleaning-product aisle.
Danyelle Barrett
Gloversville, New York
Hydrogen peroxide cleans jewelry, removes blood from most fabrics without fading colors (always test a section first), and, of course, cleans scrapes on your skin.
Katherine R. Oberst
Toledo, Ohio
I use a tennis ball to rub scuff marks off the floor. It solves the problem in seconds.
Katie Zack
Tampa, Florida
I put my hand into a pair of panty hose to clean the dust off candles and lampshades.
Laurel Coote
Torrance, California
Soft cloth diapers are absorbent, and they don't scratch, tear, or fall apart in my hands. I throw them in the washing machine and use them over and over again.
Lana Maskus
Wright, Kansas
Cotton swabs are great for getting fine dirt out of corners and polishing hard-to-clean spots on silver, copper, and brass items.
Laura Furlong
Sterling, Colorado
I have a two-year-old son who loves juicy fruits and cheesy pizza but who objects strongly to using a bib. Toothpaste has effectively removed most stains―even grape juice―from his clothes.
Margo Kohn
Los Angeles, California I keep a cardboard box nearby every time I clean. I make sure to find at least three items that I have not used in the past six months and throw them in. I donate the contents to charity.
Kari J. Lee
Valdosta, Georgia
I use Bounce fabric-softener sheets in the laundry, to wipe soap scum off shower doors, and to eliminate static from TV and computer screens. I've also heard that when left on the table during an outdoor picnic, they're an effective mosquito repellent.
Maureen Burns
Palatine, Illinois
Polident denture cleanser is a great tool for cleaning glass vases and sconces that house floating candles. I fill the item with warm water and drop in one five-minute tablet for every eight ounces of water. I let the item soak for however long it takes to break down the residue, then I rinse it with warm water and dry it.
Katie Frazier
Sacramento, California
My dry-erase board has become an invaluable tool. Every Saturday morning I write a chore list on it, and my husband and children sign up for the day's duties. It inspires them to wake up early so they're not stuck with an unappealing task.
Mandy Stossel
Talkeetna, Alaska
Old toothbrushes are perfect for scrubbing around sinks and stoves and removing grime from tennis shoes. The added benefit is that you recycle and save money.
Darcy Storms
Astoria, New York
A bottle brush is the best tool for cleaning wineglasses, bud vases, and other narrow-mouthed glassware. It beats jamming a hand into a narrow item or bending a sponge that doesn't quite get the job done.
Jennifer Byrn
West Palm Beach, Florida
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