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What Was Your Most Embarrassing Fashion Moment?

Real Simple readers share how they handled their biggest style faux pas.

Leather purse in a bedroomJames Baigrie

Totally Clueless

At the end of my pregnancy, I walked into my supervisor's office and she pointed out that I had on two different-colored shoes. The kicker was that one heel was a half inch higher than the other, and I had never noticed.
Joy Shepherd
Novato, California

When I was in the 10th grade, my school held a Christmas dance, and we were told to "dress festive." My friend and I decided that dressing festive meant costumes. We bought red felt, green satin ribbon, and green tights. After two nights of hard work at the sewing machine, we were very proud of the elf costumes that we had created, complete with little feathered caps and bells. However, when we got to the dance, we discovered that we were way off in our interpretation of festive―everyone else was dressed normally. At five-feet 10, this extremely tall elf didn't exactly blend in with the other kids.
Kelli Venchierutti
South Orange, New Jersey

Years ago, I was reading the New York Times on the subway. This was back in the '60s, when Khrushchev's picture was often on the front page. One day, after folding the paper at the end of the train ride and holding it close to my chest, I arrived at the office with a clear black-and-white picture of Khrushchev emblazoned on the left side of my white shirt.
Alice Richter
Morganville, New Jersey

One winter day, I bundled up myself and my four children and took an hour-long drive to meet my husband for dinner. While we were standing in line at the restaurant, the woman behind me said, "Excuse me, miss. You have a hanger in your coat." She was right. I wanted to die. My husband thought it was hilarious that I hadn't noticed.
Kerry Sparks
Whiting, Indiana

My most embarrassing fashion moment came on the day I wasn't all-the-way awake when I left the house―and arrived at work wearing pink fuzzy slippers.
Nancy Clark
Ramona, California

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