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What Little White Lie Have You Recently Told Your Kids?

Real Simple readers admit to some parental fibbing.

Illustration mom and sonJen Corace

I say that the ice cream truck that drives through our neighborhood is the “music truck.” It plays music for people to enjoy during the summertime.
Breeze Watson
Lansing, Michigan

When I don’t feel like playing with the toy that my toddler chooses, I tell her that it is out of batteries, even if the toy doesn’t take batteries. It works with TV shows, too. “Sorry, honey, Dora must need new batteries. We’ll check back later.”
Christine Stevens
Issaquah, Washington

I pretend fortune-cookie fortunes say things like “Your bedtime tonight will be 15 minutes earlier.” Unfortunately, this works only until they can read.
Rebecca Einstein Schorr
Fountain Valley, California

“Yes, we’re having chicken for dinner.” (I actually served fish.)
Doreen Saiz Flores
Barstow, California

That the car won’t start unless everyone is buckled in. I just jiggle the keys in the ignition until the last belt clicks.
Jennifer Nilson
Roscoe, Illinois

When my daughter begged to stop at a playground, I said, “Sorry, all the playgrounds are closed now.” She wisely asked why other children were playing at one we passed. I answered that they were not following the rules.
Carol Catena
New York, New York

My two-year-old believes that certain toys “live” at the store and are there to be visited.
Cyn Rielley
Sutton, Massachusetts

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