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What Items Do You Stock Up on for Autumn?

When the leaves start falling, here’s what you squirrel away.

Chalkboard, backpack, and a stool with booksLucas Allen

System for Organizing

I buy packs of index cards when my children pick out their school supplies. I label them with items on my to-do list, lay them on a table, and shuffle them as my priorities change. As soon as I finish a onetime task, I throw away the card for it, but I reuse the cards showing basic daily chores.
Terry Insinga
West Babylon, New York

Supplies for the Kids

I buy lots of travel-size shampoo, toothpaste, and tissues so I can drop them in my children's backpacks when they head out for Friday-night sleepovers.
Deanna Sinclair
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

My children play after-school sports, so I keep a box of seasonal necessities in the trunk of my car: water bottles, rain gear, sheets to protect the seats from dirty uniforms, pizza coupons, sunglasses, and extra socks. I also load up on plastic silverware and straws for their snacks.
Hamida Dougherty
Southfield, Michigan

Every fall, I stock up on craft items―glitter, ribbons, fabric pieces―so my niece and nephew can decorate the pumpkins and dried vegetables that they pick at nearby farms.
Sharon Pavulaan
Rocky Point, New York

I buy twice as many school supplies as my children need. I am a single mom and can't always leave the house if they lose their markers the night before a project is due. I keep all the extras in an old nightstand. They know where to find anything they need.
Maribeth Ford
West Roxbury, Massachusetts

I stock up on biodegradable lawn bags before the leaves start falling.
Elena Berry
Atlanta, Georgia

Essentials for the Kitchen

In the summer, I buy fresh peaches, nectarines, and strawberries, then slice them and freeze them in individual-serving bags. Later, I can make smoothies when the fruit is off-peak.
Emily Newton
Davis, California

I make cold-weather comfort foods―soups, stews, and apple tarts―so I dry and store herbs from my garden and I buy prepared broths, dried beans, and pasta. I'm ready to cook when the first frost arrives.
Donna Getty-Perron
Bridgewater, Massachusetts 
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