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Featured in July 2010

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Real Simple July 2010Stephen Lewis

Thoughts, p. 4

The Simple List, p. 8

Editor’s Note, p. 23

Your Words

  • This Month’s Question, p. 25
    If you were suddenly given a free day this summer, how would you spend it?
  • No-Obligation Book Club, p. 28
    What is the funniest book you've ever read?

Trends Worth Trying

  • Destined to Be a Classic, p. 33
    Cat-eye sunglasses
  • One for All, p. 34
    Fresh laundry scents
  • Two Women, One Look, p. 36
    Tribal prints
  • Style Revival, p. 38
    Modern espadrilles
  • Everyday Indulgences, p. 40
    Summer drink dispensers
  • 10 Finds Under $50, p. 42



  • New Uses for Old Things, p. 45
  • Problem-Solvers of the Month, p. 48
  • Three Easy Shortcuts, p. 50
    How to windproof a beach towel, remove sticky sand from your body, and get comfortable on a coarse or wet beach
  • Start With, p. 52
    A hot dog
  • Ask Real Simple, p. 54
    How do I dispose of used cooking oil?
  • Fresh Pick, p. 56

Life Lessons

  • Good Read, p. 59
    Julie Goldman on coming to terms with her mother's Alzheimer's disease
  • Modern Manners, p. 65
    Julie Rottenberg on how to tell a coworker he has bad breath
  • Expertise, p. 69
    Paul Bloom on how to find more pleasure every day

The Guide


  • Play Up Your Waist, p. 79
    The newest looks that define and flatter your midsection, regardless of your shape
  • Fit Lab, p. 91
    Summery white jeans to complement every figure





  • Moneywise, p. 155
    How to find the biggest bargains at flea markets; ways to save when dining out; a smart website that allows you to track your credit score (for free!)



  • From Farm to Table, p. 196
    Seven favorite seasonal recipes, courtesy of the farmers who produce the ingredients
  • Cool Summer Sips, p. 209
    Easy and inventive thirst-quenchers, with or without the alcohol
  • Quick Takes, p. 214
    Ten juicy ideas for flank steak
  • Secretly Simple, p. 219
    Barbecue sauce
  • Road Test, p. 221
    Potato chips
  • Five Easy Dinners, p. 224
  • Nutritional Index, p. 236

Credits, p. 243
Where to buy the products featured in this issue

Discounts & Deals, p. 246
Exclusive savings on outdoor games

Real Simple to Go, p. 247
Including the reimagined Real Simple bookmark!


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