Ninth Annual Life Lessons Essay Contest

What was the most dramatic change you ever had to make?

How Do You Ease Back Into Reality After a Vacation?

Your answer may appear in the magazine or on Even better, the author of our favorite letter each month receives a special gift.

Santa’s Dead?

After David McGlynn told his son that Mr. Claus was based on a real person, the boy decided to take matters (and a bit of childhood magic) into his own hands.

The Surprising Way a Movie Brought Me Closer to My Mom

Growing up in a family that prized toughness, Megan Abbott loved gangster movies, gum­shoes, and gun molls. But one enduring 
influence could always bring her to tears.

How I Made My Best Friend During the Worst Tragedy of My Life

What single decision changed your life? Diane Penney, the 2016 Life Lessons contest winner, writes of a chance encounter during her darkest moment.

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