RS Cancer Survivor Gets a Major Surprise

We surprised Real Simple copy editor (and cancer survivor), Pamela Grossman, with a gift that keeps on giving. Watch her heartfelt reaction here.

Birthday Cake Crepes

Give the classic yellow cake a break this year and make these colorful crepes for your next birthday celebration. Multi-colored nonpareils (round sprinkles) add flare to every crepe—but be sure to add them after you’ve poured the batter into the pan (if you try to stir them into the batter beforehand, they’ll sink to the bottom). The rest of the process is simple—fold the crepes, top with vanilla ice cream, and drizzle with hot fudge. Oh, and don’t forget the candle on top! You can still make a birthday wish with crepes, of course (and we won’t tell if you wish for more crepes). These would also be great served at a birthday brunch, alongside a spread of more savory options. Set out a variety of ice cream flavors, and guests can scoop and top their crepes as they please. Love the idea of birthday crepes, but wish they were inspired by chocolate cake instead? Simply whisk ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder into the crepe batter, and voila! Chocolate birthday cake crepes. For best results, let the crepe batter sit at room temperature for a few minutes before adding the cocoa powder, which will ensure it mixes in evenly.

How to Prepare Leeks

Whether you’re adding the veggie to soups, quiche, or pasta, this technique is sure to come in handy.

How One Author’s Real Estate Obsession Turned Into a Novel

Author Ann Leary joined Real Simple editor Kristin Van Ogtrop on Facebook Live to chat about her new book The Children, how she learned the banjo, and what it takes to become a writer.

3 Fruit Cutting Hacks That Will Help Make Everything More Delicious

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How to Make Kitchen Sink Chocolate Bark

This fun and easy candy treat contains an array of goodies in every bite.

How to Put on a Duvet Cover

With this simple trick, changing a duvet cover is unbelievably easy.

How to Make Easy French Toast Casserole

Need a new recipe for your Sunday Funday? Try this new take on an old breakfast standby. By baking the French toast in a casserole dish, it soaks up the homemade syrup for a flavorful burst of sweetness in every bite. Watch the video to learn how to make it.

These Firecracker Cakes Are the Ultimate 4th of July Dessert

Wow your party guests with these festive (and delicious!) vanilla and strawberry cakes.