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The Best Meal Kits

They’re cropping up everywhere—but which really deliver? Real Simple staffers ordered and cooked from 15 national services to find out.

The Surprisingly Simple Way 1 Parent Explained This Complex Concept

After his four-year-old daughter asked, “Where do people go when they die?” Chris Hunt was at a loss—until he found the answer in, of all things, a children’s poem.

30 Commonly Mispronounced Words (and How to Say Them)

Use this cheat sheet so you’ll always be prepared.

The Surprising Way My Marriage Changed When the Kids Left Home

Eat like slobs? Yes. Walk around the house naked? Sure. Swear like sailors? 
Of course! After tearfully bidding good-bye to 
their college-bound kids, Ann Leary and her 
husband discovered that 
the empty-nest syndrome was, well, for the birds.

Why I Refused to Get a Nose Job—But Then Did It Anyway

After decades of being teased and rebuffed because of her nose, Rachel Hager found herself considering plastic surgery in her 50s. But was she caving to cosmetic conformity or taking control?

The Best Popcorn

From pre-popped bags to microwave packs to kernels—seven RS favorites to snack on (OK, fine: become hopelessly addicted to).

13 Closet Organization Tips That Really Work

Real Simple readers share their best tips for eliminating clutter. 

The Best Face Sunscreens

Real Simple tested nearly every formula under the sun. Here are six shining examples.

How a Tough Camping Trip Helped My Family Get Over a Divorce

Can camping heal four fractured lives? After her marriage ended in New York City, Lisa Wood Shapiro headed to Maine to find out.

The Best Aprons

Smart people never spill or splatter. For mere mortal cooks, there are these smart, sturdy—and stylish—safeguards.

The Surprising Way a Movie Brought Me Closer to My Mom

Growing up in a family that prized toughness, Megan Abbott loved gangster movies, gum­shoes, and gun molls. But one enduring 
influence could always bring her to tears.