Set Up an Efficient Laundry Room

Washer and dryer in a laundry room
Michele Gastl


  • For clothes that might shrink in the dryer, get a folding drying rack or a collapsible drying mesh to avoid creases.
  • A set of pant stretchers will dry pants and make creases down the legs so you can spend less time ironing them ($17, the Vermont Country Store,


  • When tumble-dried clothes are dry―preferably when they are still warm―hang them up or smooth them out and fold them right away. Avoid having them sit and cool in a crumpled state.
  • Clothes that should be folded include: T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, sweats―basically anything knit or stretchy.
  • Folded clothes are easier to transport (no Hansel-and-Gretel trail of socks).
  • Make sure your folding surface is high enough, be it on top of the washing machine or part of the sorter, so you don't have to stoop and strain your back.
  • Lone socks should never leave the laundry room. If a solo sock ends up in the wrong bedroom, it is less likely to be reunited with its mate. Have a collection bag for such socks in the laundry room or pin them to the bulletin board.

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