How to Store Apples

No one likes a rotten apple. Follow the few simple tips in this video about selecting and storing the fruit, and your apples will always be as delicious as they are good for you.

What You Need:

apples, refrigerator

Follow These Three Easy Steps:

  1. How To: Store Apples Step 11Look for bruises

    First, make sure your apples aren’t bruised, which usually means mealy, flavorless flesh underneath.

  2. How To: Store Apples Step 22Check for ripeness

    Flick an apple near its stem: If the sound is hollow, the apple is a bit too ripe. Listen for a dull thud, which means you’ve found perfectly ripe fruit.

  3. How To: Store Apples Step 33Store in the vegetable drawer

    Store apples in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. They’ll last about two to three weeks.Now that you have perfectly ripe fruit on hand, try one of our delicious apple recipes.