How to Write on a Cake

Writing on a cake isn’t as hard as it looks. Follow these tips and tricks for piping “happy birthday.”

What You Need:

pastry bag with tip, melted chocolate or icing, frosted cake, toothpick

Follow These Five Easy Steps:

  1. How To: Write on a Cake Step 11Fill a pastry bag fitted with a fine tip

    Fit a pastry bag with a fine tip and fill with room-temperature melted chocolate, colored frosting, or piping gel.

    Tip: If you don’t have a pastry bag, use a resealable plastic bag instead. Fill the bag, then snip the tip with scissors to create a tiny opening.

  2. How To: Write on a Cake Step 22Mark each word with a toothpick

    Using a toothpick, mark the beginning and ending of each word in a straight line. This will help keep you centered when you start to pipe.

  3. How To: Write on a Cake Step 33Trace the letters

    Using the same toothpick, trace the letters in the frosting.

    Tip: If you make a mistake, smooth over the letter with fresh frosting and start again.

  4. How To: Write on a Cake Step 44Practice piping on a plate first

    Before you pipe directly on the cake, practice a few letters on a plate or other clean surface. This way, you’ll get comfortable with the piping bag and can also gauge how much pressure to use when writing.

  5. How To: Write on a Cake Step 55Pipe over the lines

    Use your non-writing hand to steady the bag as you pipe over the letters you traced.

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