How to Treat Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are often the result of a lack of sleep, but your eyes don’t have to give that away. Follow the quick steps in this video.

What You Need:

bag of frozen vegetables (or cold chamomile tea or frozen slices of cucumber), thin towel

Follow These Two Easy Steps:

  1. How To: Treat Puffy Eyes Step 11Place a cooling agent on your eyes

    Wrap a bag of frozen vegetables in a thin towel (you want to be able to feel the cold through it). Place it over closed eyes for 10 minutes. (Keep your head upright so gravity has a chance to help remove the fluid you’re retaining.)

    Tip: Another way to reduce puffiness: Soak a washcloth in cold chamomile tea and place it on your eyes for 10 minutes. The anti-inflammatory properties in chamomile will help reduce the puff.
    Tip: The old tried-and-true cucumber trick works, too. Place cold cucumber slices (put them in the freezer for a few minutes) over your eyes for 10 minutes.