How to Buy a Lightbulb for Every Room in Your Home

Overwhelmed by the options in the bulb aisle? Our room-by-room guide makes it easy to pick the right bulb for the right job, improving your home’s mood and safety—and your bottom line.

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How to Clean Gutters

Just because you cannot see the buildup from below, it doesn’t mean that it is not there. We recommend that you tackle this task twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall, when your yard gets the heaviest rain and leaf accumulation.

How to Patch Small Holes in Drywall

Use the following steps and materials to patch up any hole that is ½ inch or any hole that is smaller than that size. Bigger gaps are a little more complicated and will nearly always require more work, including cutting a drywall patch to fit the hole. For this type of work, you may want to consider hiring a pro to do the job.

How to Unclog a Sink

First come the warning signs: the water drains a little slower than normal and some puddles around the drain. Then, it just stops going down all together and you have a muddy and murky pool to deal with. Don’t let your cooking and dishwashing come to a halt because of your stopped up sink. Here, we will give you the tools and step-by-step instructions you need so you can clear a blockage on your own and don’t have to pick up the phone and wait for a visit from the plumber.

How to Fix a Running Toilet

It sounds like the beginning of a phone prank, but a running toilet is often an easy repair. The probable culprit: a faulty flapper. Here are the step by steps to get your toilet working smoothly again.