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Protecting Valuable Jewelry

Be sure you store it―and insure it―correctly.

By Jennifer Tung
Jewelry boxMichele Gastl
Highly valuable jewelry and fragile heirlooms should be locked up and insured. Standard homeowners and renters insurance policies limit the amount they'll pay to replace stolen jewelry to $1,000 (whether it's stolen from home or while you're traveling) and most won't cover jewelry that's lost. Check with your insurance agent about getting enough coverage for your valuables.

If you store things in a safe-deposit box, place them in something soft (a velvet or suede pouch), or lay them on velvet trays, which are sold at jewelry-display stores. At home, lock up precious items in a safe, closet, or drawer, and keep the keys in a separate place. You might want to keep precious jewelry in a fireproof metal filing cabinet to be extra safe.
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