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Room-by-Room Organizing

Easy-to-steal storage tricks for small spaces (closets and bathrooms) and larger gathering spots (living rooms and kitchens).

Banish Clutter

6 Reasons Your Home Is Cluttered
Why people can’t let go of stuff and how to outwit those hoarding instincts.

9 Decluttering Secrets From Professional Organizers
Nine smart strategies spotted in (and stolen from) the houses of expert clutter-busters. Chalk it up to experience—they really work.

7 Steps to Dealing With Sentimental Clutter
Smart strategies for learning how to let go.

Home office

21 Ways to Organize Your Home Office

Trying to carve out a neat space of your own? Find inspiration in these photos.
Photo: Mark Lund

Laundry Room Organizing Ideas

Turn any laundry room from scullery to sanctuary with these easy decorating and organizing ideas.
Photo: Jonny Valiant

Smart Ideas for Organizing Your Kitchen

Simple and smart clutter-clearing strategies for straightening out your pantry, cabinets, spice rack, and more.
Photo: Jonny Valiant

Messy Garage Gets Organized

When everything but the car is parked in your garage, a crash reorganization is in order.
Photo: Noah Webb
Home office
Laundry room with ironing board, large hamper, shelves - Landscape
Organized kitchen cabinet
An organized garage

Small Space Organizing

Closet transformed into a home office

3 Ways to Transform a Closet
Three home owners turn neglected storage space into stylish, functional living areas.

Drawers with sections and dresser-top tray

How to Organize Your Dresser
Rescue overstuffed drawers from chaos—and your dresser top from its destiny as a drop spot for junk. Clutter coach Chip Cordelli makes an open-and-shut case for how to do it.

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Shelving unit

Basement Organizing Checklist

Create a safe and uncluttered storage space in your basement by following these easy steps.

  • Assess the clutter. Start by creating three categories: keep, donate, and toss. As you work your way through the items in the basement, assign each one to a category. If you rarely use a piece, it’s probably a good candidate to donate or toss.
  • Donate or toss. Contact local charities and arrange for a pickup of items to donate; put the toss items out with the trash or recycling.
  • Edit the belongings you’re keeping. Separate the keep pile into new categories, such as books, sporting goods, etc. Assign each category a location: Books should be stowed in a plastic storage box placed on a high shelf (or in a corner of the attic); sporting equipment might be sent to a bin in the garage.

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