Room-by-Room Organizing

13 Organizing Solutions for Conquering Clutter

Simple strategies for containing the uncontainable. 

Watercolor painting in a binder
Photo: Nicole Gerulat; Styling: Alexis Givens

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Kids’ Artwork

Fill a binder with roomy, durable plastic sleeves—the heavy-duty type that holds 50 sheets. (Office Depot EasyOpen ClearVue five-inch ring binder, $16, and C-Line High-Capacity sheet protectors, $7 for 25: Then slide the art right inside. “The sleeves are sturdy enough to handle things like birthday cards and projects with glitter or macaroni,” says Wurth. Tuck in everything your kids are proud of. At the end of the school year, sort through the binder (in private) and winnow the collection to one sleeve per child. Stash in an archival box big enough to serve this plan for years to come. (Drop-front box No. 01-531, $15,

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