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Organizing Tricks for Busy Moms

How to Organize a Junk Drawer

Almost everyone has a junk drawer―a place full of random household items tossed together. But a drawer full of odds and ends doesn’t have to be disorderly. With a couple of basic tools, you can transform your catch-all to an organized area in just minutes. Watch this video.
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  • flat surface
  • junk drawer (complete with junk)
  • drawer organizer
  • key tags
  1. Empty and sort contents of drawer

    Dump everything in your junk drawer out onto a large surface such as a kitchen table. Sort through the contents, discarding anything that’s broken or that you don’t need. Find another home for things that don’t belong in this drawer.

  2. Insert a drawer organizer

    Purchase a drawer organizer and fit it into the now-empty drawer. Group like items together on your work surface and place them into the compartments that suit them best.

    Tip: If you don’t have a drawer organizer, you can use a group of small cardboard jewelry boxes, votive candleholders, empty bank-check boxes, or ice cube trays.

  3. Organize stray keys

    Random keys are a staple of most junk drawers. Use key tags to label stray keys. Place labeled keys together in a compartment of the junk drawer and you’ll never wonder what they unlock again.

    Tip: You can purchase key tags at your local stationary store or hardware store.

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