How to Organize Jewelry

There’s no reason to spend valuable time weeding though piles of tangled jewelry. This video shows an excellent way to manage and display your prettiest pieces at the same time.

What You Need

  1. Check jewelry
  2. Check modular linen-covered tiles (or a linen-covered pin board)
  3. Check glass-headed straight pins
  4. Check screw hooks

Follow These Steps

  1. Start with a piece of pin board

    Purchase a piece of fabric-covered pin board, or buy an uncovered piece of Homasote board and cover the front of it with linen or another fabric, in a shade that complements your room. (Smooth the fabric across the board and secure at the back using a staple gun.) Decide where you want the pin board to hang and then mount it to the wall.

    Aha! Homasote boards—made of compressed, recycled paper—can be found at hardware stores.

  2. Attach screws to the board

    Purchase screw hooks at a hardware store; these will hold larger items such as necklaces. Decide what you’d like to hang and where on the board you’d like to hang it, choosing a pattern that appeals to you. Starting at the top-left of your board, begin attaching screws. Screw hooks into the board by pressing the point of the screw firmly into the board, then turning in a clockwise direction. Consider placing the screw hooks near the top of the board, so long necklaces have room to hang down.

  3. Hang necklaces

    Drape long necklaces from the hooks.

    Aha! By hanging jewelry on a wall, the pieces are out of children’s reach.

  4. Stick in straight pins

    Glass-covered straight pins can be found at fabric stores and used to hang small items such as earrings. Stick pins into the board at an angle, so the head is higher than the point where the pin meets the wall. Dangle bracelets and earrings from the straight pins.

    Tip: Stow more delicate and valuable pieces safely in a jewelry box or dresser.